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Flashback Fashion

By Joseph A. Federico, 26 May, 2016
  • Flashback Fashion

…take a time machine this summertime 


There is a new feeling in the air; it is not the stale, chilly feeling of a lazy winter, but a fresh start. Spring is almost over, and well, summer is around the corner. Think Will Smith’s “Summertime” hit blaring on the boom box. Feel sexy, feel free, like the world once did in the 1980s and 1990s. Because, well, that is what is on its way in the world of fashion. You feel, yo? Let’s go!

Ladies will start us off on this venture down memory lane. The ’90s are in full force this upcoming season; try a baby doll-esque dress by Birds of North America. Straight lines, pouty patterns, darker colours are what describes this line. Add a pair of Doc Martens, and you will really be living in the past; that is no easy feat, trust me. Rock on.

Now let us go backwards another decade to the 1980s. Girls, get funky with harem pants. Yes. In all patterns, shapes and colours. This summer, raspberry tones and orange hues will be the popular picks. Try on a really high heel for that retro look, or if you are not willing to go all out, a solid-coloured ballet flat works, too.

Sticking with the pants theme, acid wash is b-a-c-k. Stony, acidy, and 1980s hairband back. Mix and match your denim in and outside of the workplace. If you are taking this turn, stick with a solid colour blouse and add funkified, oversized jewellery.

Ladies in the late-‘80s and early ’90s wore colourful boots. Well, their proverbial grandchildren are back and better than ever. With a slightly more tailored look and feel, these babies can also be worn to work, and transition to a fantastical nighttime fantasy.


Lastly, some jewellery to keep a keen eye open for are pieces from Eliza. She creates new wave, gothic and show-stopping pieces for the divine. Chainy, linky and dark is what Eliza is all about. Pop one of these pieces on before heading out to a retro club, or just on a special, sexy date. All eyes will be on you, because you’ll be a “Lucky Star”.

Now men, hop on the time machine with me, won’t you? The 1980s and 1990s are just as prominent for you as they are for your female counterparts.

On your legs, you will find bright-coloured chinos: reds, pinks and yellows galore! You will be rolled up in Yuppie wonderland. Because your pants will be so outlandish, try to stick to a more blasé, simpler top. Think white or black, okay? You do not want to overdo it all at once.

But if you must be so outlandish, feeling your oats, slip on a pair of Hudson’s Bay Company’s Converse shoes. Their multicoloured, striped kicks are to die for, and very reminiscent of the 1980s. Like, totally ’80s. 

If you are not into the colourful pants, skinny jeans are back. Very skinny jeans. These can be paired with funky, screen-printed t-shirts (think Keith Haring or Mickey Mouse), and denim jean jackets. On your head, wear a Boy George-esque black cap or beanie.

Keeping with the vintage feel and look, try a thin, long scarf on for size. You will be wearing scarves much like Yuppie men used to wear sweaters over their shoulders. Here, you must explore the endless possibilities.


On your face, you will be wearing smaller, circular sunglasses. Blue tinted specs will be seen from sea to mountain and on all shapes and sizes of face. Here, think and feel like John Lennon, only cooler…if that is even possible.

How about your hands, you ask? I’m glad you asked. Triangular rings will don your fingers, and lots of them. Bronze, gold, black and Greek-patterned. On your wrists, sport braided bracelets of all colours of the rainbow: tan, navy blue, and even maroon colours will be hot.

Are you ready to go back in time to the 1980s and 1990s? They are coming back for you with a vengeance, so be ready to party like it’s 1999. Over and over. Have fun, be funky. Live. 

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