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Spring Fling

By Joseph A. Federico, 30 Mar, 2016
  • Spring Fling

Ah, springtime! The chill in the air is finally fading, and the sunshine’s rays are that much more inviting.

As you wake up with a smile on your face, you think about what you want to wear today. It is a new season, so men and women, be flirty, dirty, and awesome. Spring up and take a chance on these warmer months. Women, you’re first. You have to sport 1960s hairstyles, bouffant-esque, with large, chunky hairbands. Think “Mad Men” with a modern twist. This is a feminine look that will drive the men, and even your girlfriends, wild.

Now onto the clothing…

Floral denim is great, ladies. Let us start here. Blue jeans with a lacey floral print is a statement piece. Pair this up with a chunky sweater of a similar colour, and let your hair down for a more casual look. On your feet, sport a natural-coloured wedge or dark flat. Perfection.

In the accessories department, there are many things you will find exciting this season. Let us start with rings.

A style of ring to watch out for is the fruit-shaped ring. Raspberries and bananas will be filling up your proverbial fruit bowl of a jewellery box. Jewels and diamonds will be loud and bright; oversized yellows, ruby reds and oranges are the colours of the spring.

Now, let us move onto the purse or hand bag. This season, “sculptural” bags are all the craze. Natural colours, lazy purples, dark greens and even silvers are the colours of choice. Why not try out a fantastic bag by none other than Ela. The M.I.L.C.K. clutch in purple is a woman’s go-to; it carries anything from lip gloss to the largest of smart phones. Never leave the apartment without it.

How about shoes, you ask? High heels – about three to four inches – with studs adorning them, are the shoe of choice. These are spectacular because they can be worn to the office on a semi regular basis, but also transform an outfit into night time sexiness. Take a bright heel and look for silver or black studs on it. You will not regret it.

On your head, especially on a drab and windy day, wear a hat! Think 1960s or 1970s wide brimmed hats. They make any outfit you choose to wear seem simpler than what it actually is.

Now, it’s time for the men.

Men’s jeans will be baggier, like that of a more defined ’90s denim, and the legs bottoms will be rolled up. Men are taking back masculinity with this look.

When it comes to pants, men are looking to a Capri feel this spring time. Shorter pants, slightly longer than shorts, and in floral patterns are great. Pair these with a dark-coloured wind breaker, an excellently-styled boat shoe, and put a light layer of gel in your hair, and you are set to go exploring on a weekend’s day. 

Another thing to look out for men, is brightly-coloured khaki pants. Bright yellows, oranges, and pinks are coming for you, so be ready. There will be brighter versions of these pants this summer.

Last but not least, it is time to accessorize. Accessories pull an outfit together, as you probably have read and are familiar with that advice from previous articles of mine. It is a digital age, so sport that when you are getting ready to go out.

3-D printed cufflinks are very popular right now. Mustaches, ammunition, rocket ships, and anvils are some different kinds of designs that will dress up any outfit.

However, in order to pull off a rustic looking cufflink, you must wear a French styled shirt; this means there is actually a “missing” button on each of your shirt’s cuffs. The French style is classic.

A final accessory to keep on hand in a good quality tie. Men’s ties are actually darker this season, chocolate browns and rusty greys; this allows them to pop against the playful colours they will be sporting with their pants.

Or, you may choose a bow tie if you are looking to be slightly dressier. This is simple, so here is your advice: a floppy, dark bow tie is your best bet. Do not be lazy by purchasing a pre-made tie, men; go to a tailor and ask which REAL bow tie style is for you. As we have said, spring time is a new start. Breathe new life into your wardrobe, much like that of the turning over of a new season. Remember to shine like the sun and be strong like the newly risen flower buds you pass.

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