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Mortgage Maverick: Amandeep Duggal

Darpan, 02 Oct, 2023
  • Mortgage Maverick: Amandeep Duggal

Starting part-time in the mortgage business in late 2018, Amandeep Duggal has made impressive progress. He began by subleasing a room and working as an in-house mortgage broker at City 2 City Real Estate Services Inc. Today, as the Founder of Duggal Mortgages, he oversees three offices in Surrey, Abbotsford, and Calgary and leads a team of eight people.

"I never thought I'd be working in the mortgage industry, and I had no idea I'd find it as enjoyable as I do now. When I began, my main goal was simply to help people. I noticed they were frequently being misled, and I wanted to make sure they could make informed choices when purchasing their homes," he explains.

Amandeep was well aware of potential home buyers' challenges regarding mortgages. He had faced several obstacles in getting his mortgage approved when he was buying his home in Surrey, which inspired him to do a Mortgage Brokerage course from UBC and take the exam to become a licensed mortgage broker. 

At Duggal Mortgages, Amandeep and his team truly try to understand their client's needs and give them a clear picture of the options available and the best way forward. He considers himself quite fierce when it comes to his clients. Everyone who works for him, too, embodies the same attitude so that whatever needs to be done is done in time, which could include explaining the situation and processes to the client, preparing the list of the documents required, reviewing those documents, putting the offer and everything in between.

His passion and a unique blend of empathy and fierceness have led to many success stories. A recent example involves a woman who had previously declared bankruptcy due to her inability to meet mortgage payments. Amandeep suggested selling her house, using the proceeds and refinancing to purchase a different property. She is doing well with her payments now, facilitated by favourable mortgage terms, and her new property has appreciated by five hundred thousand dollars.

His client's success is reflected in Duggal Mortgages' performance, which was among the top 0.4% of all DLC brokers in 2022 and won the "Top 50 Mortgages Funded Monthly 2023 Award" and "Elite Hall of Fame Award" among many others. 

Beyond mortgages, Amandeep is working on setting up a financial consulting company, offering advice in areas ranging from RRSP, insurance, and proper wills to the power of attorney and wealth planning. He is also busy partnering with builders and developers to help build custom luxury homes in British Columbia.

While his professional journey is going from strength to strength, Amandeep places immense value on family and experiences. Father of two sons, he loves spending time with his family and especially enjoys travelling with his wife, Anushka. 




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