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2014 Winter Home decor trends

By Ashley Stephens, Darpan, 20 Nov, 2014
  • 2014 Winter Home decor trends

It's cool to stay inside this winter – or at least that's what interior designers are telling us. While the temperatures may be dropping outside, things are only getting warmer indoors as this winter will bring a wealth of bold brights, contemporary luxuries and inspiration from older times.

Classic touches never go out of style but they're back in a big way this season. Homeowners can embrace their individuality, but in a sophisticated way. Luxurious stone and vintage accessories will add an elegance to homes that has been overlooked in recent years.

A dash of masculinity also keeps things classic yet bold when mixed in with contemporary or trendy decor. A backdrop of classic decoration goes well with unexpected accents of intense colours and bold accessories.

“What I'm personally looking forward to for winter is the return of richer colour; jewel tones, mixed with camels and whites,” says registered interior designer and LEED accredited professional with Mãk Interiors, Amber Kingsworth.

The winter blues may get you down but any blues inside your home will be sure to brighten your day. Designers are bringing the blues of the outdoors in. The hues of Greek rooftops and the Mediterranean sea are rich, vibrant shades that pair well with greens, greys or pinks and instantly make an interior feel fresh. A glossy finish to bold blues make classic pieces instantly modern.

“Paint is always the quickest, most cost-effective way to make a big impact on a space,” notes Kingsworth. “Or buy a single roll of a great wallpaper and create a feature wall.”

Inspired by the deep blue sea, not only will the colour blue be making its way into homes, but aquatic inspired prints and textures will also make a splash this season. Incorporating water-inspired patterns into your existing decor can be as easy as adding an aqua accent pillow or purchasing a watercolour print of your favourite ocean.

“I always recommend that my residential clients keep a neutral backdrop (flooring, cabinetry and large furniture pieces) so that they can play with accents like wallpaper, special fabrics on toss cushions, or a great rug,” says Kingsworth. This aquatic trend will complement the season's move to bring the outdoors in.

Furniture thought to be perfect for your back patio can now find a home in your living room; wicker couches or birch chairs create an oasis feel in an unexpected place.

Salvaged wood, water features and an abundance of indoor plants highlight nature's beauty without stepping foot outdoors.

If you've longed to have a little Mad Men styling in your life, now's your chance to update your home's interior while being on trend. Shades of the sixties are making a return to home decor as designers are finding ways to incorporate the distinct style and popular prints of the decades past.

Olive greens and an array of orange hues are popping up all around homes. By incorporating these colours into existing decor, what is old becomes new again in more ways than one. Olive green is a warm, organic hue that can be paired with any colour as a neutral, making it easy to add to any room.

Retro is modern again, like it was in the 60's when psychedelic colours and polypropylene furniture brightened up wooden interiors. This return to retro is a fun way to play up both neutral and natural spaces – two styles that are currently on trend and easy to incorporate into any home.

While much more subdued than the bold blues or retro hues, pastel palettes will be warming up homes this upcoming season. These soft, romantic hues of pale pinks and peaches and an abundance of flesh tones will have homes feeling almost hazy as the winter sun sets late in the afternoon.

Add some frosted milk glass accessories, pastel pink glassware or dreamy neutral drapery around your home to incorporate this ethereal look that will encourage curling up on a couch. “For winter I always like a nice cozy throw that can add colour and texture to a room,” says Kingsworth.

In order to make an impact, designers are pairing pretty pastels with a punch of neon and they're encouraging home owners to do the same. Taking their cue from the 80's, pink flamingos, purple sunsets and green palm trees are now inspiring new ideas for home interiors.

Don't send your brass accessories up to the attic yet – metallics are still in for the season, especially when “mismatched.” However, gold is getting its share of the spotlight this season and it's doing it in a fun way. Gold accents, such as brushed gold bowls or gold-rimmed tableware keep things classic but playful. Mixing metallics with bright colours is an easy and cost-effective way to incorporate several trends of the season.

The winter may force you to spend more time inside but the decor will be sure to keep you happy about it. Fight back against the cold outdoors this season with an interior worth spending time in.


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