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Put Your Best Foot Forward: The Top Shoe Trends of The Season

Shweta Kulkarni Darpan, 29 Jul, 2022
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: The Top Shoe Trends of The Season

Platforms, flatforms, mules, and fisherman sandals are the trendiest footwear of the season... grab your fav pair now. 

After spending nearly two years of the pandemic in simple flip-flops and comfy home slippers, it’s finally time to dress and pamper your feet with some of the trendiest footwear styles dominating the fashion circuit this season. From smile-inducing Mary Janes to the good ol’ elegant mules, from the dramatic sky-high platforms to the comfort and ease of fisherman sandals — whether you love comfort or simply adore high-end fashion, there are plenty of ultra-cool shoe styles for you to explore and put your best foot forward this season. We have listed below the reigning footwear trends of the season that will help you step out with great panache. 

Mary Janes 

The baby-doll shoes popularly known as Mary Janes are undoubtedly timeless. Now the classic retro style footwear is once again charming its way back into the hearts of women this season with various reinvented sophisticated styles. While traditionally, Mary Janes are defined by a strap across the foot, commonly fastened at the side by a buckle, rounded toe and block heels, this season, the cutesy style footwear arrives on the fashion radar with fresh interpretations. Without compromising the doll-like aesthetics, the new Mary Janes come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colours. Dazzling embellishments, chunkier soles, sky-high block heels, in an array of playful colours and fabrications like velvet, satin, leather etc., are the defining features of the new Mary Janes in town.

Styling tips: These classics are extremely versatile and for everyone. The ones wanting a youthful vibe can pair them with skirts and shorts along with a fun statement pair of socks. Mary Janes have a reputation for being the ideal dress shoes, so they can effortlessly complement your formal as well as party wear. They can also be ideal to add a bit of edge to your casual outfits.

Gladiator Sandals 

A staple amongst the ancient Romans and Greeks, the gladiator sandals are having their moment in the sun this season. A hit footwear trend of the mid-2000s, gladiator sandals have seen a resurgence this year with a contemporary twist. Usually defined by their multi-strap detail, the newer versions of the gladiator sandals are dreamy, bohemian, and chic. They are making a statement with bold colours, knee-high versions, comfy ankle strap designs, braided straps, blingy accessorized straps with heels, chunky soles and flats. Available in a variety of designs and shapes the gladiator sandals, are sure to make you feel like a Greek goddess or modern-day Cleopatra. Find your perfect pair now.

Styling tips: For making head turning strides, pair knee-high statement gladiators in bold colours with mini-skirts, shorts or dresses. Heeled gladiators are perfect for a shimmery party outfit, and if you wish to keep the look casual, then the short strappy tan version of gladiators is your go-to buddy. They pair perfectly well with denim, tracksuits, long flowy dresses and even jumpsuits.

Fisherman Sandals 

Looking for something simple but not too plain jane either, then the fisherman sandals are your best bet this season. A hit across most runways, the versatile sandals are having a fashion moment and are a must-have in your closet. Less on the glamour quotient and high on comfort, these glorified versions of granddad sandals have been endorsed by the likes of Prada, Versace, Marni and others and are your ideal walking partner, which can be styled with most of your outfits.   

Styling tips: Although fisherman sandals may appear to be less glamourous, they are pretty much adaptable and can be chic too if paired with the right outfit. While the obvious choice is to wear them with denim, they can be paired with minimalist maxi dresses or skirts as well. Models have been seen giving it a stylish twist by wearing them with blazers and lacy dresses too.  


Clogs have been a hit on the fashion circuit since last year, and looking at their popularity amongst top brands like Versace, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Hermès, Gucci, and Givenchy, one thing is for sure – Clogs are here to stay. Although they may appear to be ridiculously ancient, the modern versions of clogs are not only comfortable but chic too and will help you to put your best foot forward, quite literally. Available in a range of colours and cosy materials, these chunkies are ideal for adding a dash of pizzazz to your outfits.  

Styling tips: Easy to slide on and off, clogs are comfortable to wear throughout the day. However, being heavy in structure, they don’t always go well with dresses, rather they work best with androgynous styles. Clogs pair well with wide-leg jeans, linen pants, and dungarees. If you love experimenting, you can try them on with your suits too.   


Mules have been trending in footwear fashion for a while now, thanks to their eclectic and versatile nature. Marked by one simple strap, low-mid heels and easy to slip on, mules are the perfect go-to pairs to style any outfit. This season, the friendly mules have arrived with a playful spin — from chunky silhouettes to animal prints, sparkly embellishments to bold colours, fur-lined flats to pointed heels — Mules are not just happening but are also available in every imaginable style. Trust us, the right pair of mules has the power to turn a simple outfit into a work of art. So, it’s time to get a nice pedicure, slide into your fav pair of mules and take a stride, after all, it is Mule time!

Styling tips: Opt for bold colour mules to add a dash of vibrancy to a dull outfit. You can add a bit of zing by pairing them with short chic dresses or skirts. Mules are extremely stylish, elegant and versatile, so they go effortlessly well with your denim and also your work and partywear.


How can one resist the comfort of flats and the height of the heels? For the lovers of flatforms, which were a rage in the early 2000s, here’s some good news, the flatforms have seen a resurgence this year, and they are here to stay longer than expected. With their ability to strike a perfect balance between glam and edgy, flatforms are suitable for all occasions — brunches, lunches, dinners, parties — just wear your flatforms and rock the event. Available in various styles, colours, fabrications and materials, flatforms are sure to add style to your stride.

Styling tips: Flatforms complement maxi dresses as well as wide-leg jeans and shorts. They can also be worn with breezy trousers, midi dresses, coord sets etc

Platform Heels

Sky-high platforms have earned the top spot in footwear fashion lately, and rightfully so. Available in eye-catching colours and styles, platform heels are exuding sheer elegance and drama this season. No wonder, they are dominating the runways and are reigning in the footwear trend this year. Of course, the extra inches may take some time for you to get used to, but once you master to strut around in them, you are all set to rock the town.  

Styling tips: Platforms heels may have the reputation of being party shoes and are often worn only with dresses for the evening soirées, but the contemporary versions can be worn with casual outfits as well, of course, as long as you are comfortable wearing them for longer hours.  


Shinny metallic footwear is a huge trend in the fashion circuit this year. Right from celebrities to hi-end brands like Fendi, Max Mara, Dior, and Simone Rocha — everyone is endorsing this sparkly trend. Be it strappy heels, chunky platforms, loafers, boots, sleek oxfords, hologram heels or pumps — metallics in any style are a sure-fire way to add pizzazz and a bit of pop to your outfit. So go ahead, add some sparkle to your feet and shine one.  

Styling tips: Metallics may appear quite daring, but don’t shy away from the gloss. Right from skirts, maxi dresses, or crop tops, these sparkly, high gloss footwear will enhance the look of your outfit within seconds. Metallic knee-high boots are a big thing this season, and they can be easily paired with a short dress, skater skirt or a simple neutral shade dress. High-shine sneakers are also ideal to bring a shiny twist to your otherwise denim-t-shirt-clad casual look.

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