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Wedding Story: Kerry and Michael

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  • Wedding Story: Kerry and Michael

Wedding Story: Kerry and Michael

City of Residence: Burnaby, BC

How did you meet?

We met in the same grade 2/3 split class at Windsor Elementary school.

What do you love most about one another?

Kerry: What I love most about Michael is his humor, his big heart, his unconditional support and his BIG bear hugs.

Michael: I love Kerry’s smile, her selflessness. Her beauty is infinite. I admire her work ethic. She is my motivation and brings out the best in me. Kerry makes it easy to just laugh and enjoy the moments.


Could you share our proposal story?

Kerry: We had plans to go to his cousin’s birthday BBQ on the weekend. Usually when Michael picks me up, he messages or calls me when he is outside my house but this time he messaged me and a limo was outside to pick me up. At that point, I was so confused and thought Michael would jump out of the limo but the driver greeted me and informed me that we were meeting Michael. The driver drove me to our elementary school where we originally met and I saw Michael standing from a distance looking handsome as ever. I was shaking at this point and he still had no answers for me when we met. We shared a glass of wine and walked around our elementary school reminiscing the past. We got back into the limo and started driving to one of our favorite spots to watch the sunset, Whytecliff Beach. He took my hand to guide me to this beautiful proposal set up and the water works instantly started for me. I was so surprised and blown away. We had a crowd of bystanders above us cheering us on. It truly was a magically moment!


Describe you wedding day. What was your favorite moment?

Kerry: Our wedding day took place at Ross Street Gurdwara on one of the hottest days of the summer. My favorite moment was locking eyes with Michael as I walked down the aisle with my parents. I felt like no one else was in the room and it was just us and my heart was so full.

Michael: My favorite moment of our wedding was seeing Kerry for the first time, I was absolutely blown away. She looked stunning. Couldn’t believe that’s my wife.


Could you tell us about your reception?

Our wedding reception was at the Aria Banquet Hall. Covid restrictions made our wedding planning very stressful, we were lucky to have the restrictions open up two weeks prior, allowing us to invite our close friends and have our immediate families present.

Can you describe your outfits?

For our wedding, I wore a royal red lengha and Michael wore a champagne gold sherwani, his pala was matching my outfit. For our reception, I wore a long white lace gown and Michael wore a tuxedo with a textured blue jacket.


Where did you honeymoon?

Due to Covid restrictions, we haven’t gone on our honeymoon, but we did get away for a relaxing weekend after our wedding week. We spent time in Lake Louise and Banff in Alberta. We plan to fly away soon to somewhere where the weather is hot, white sands, and the water is clear. 

What are your goals as a couple?

We both have good and steady jobs. We plan to be homeowners and also do some travelling, followed by parenthood and creating a family of our own.


What are the strengths of your marriage?

We have a foundation that was built long before we were in a relationship. We were each other’s best friends growing up. It’s not too often you fall in love with your best friend of 20+ years and get married.

If you could provide any advice to other married couples, what would it be?

Support each other, be vocal about what’s important, share your ideas, have each other’s back and most importantly - enjoy the ride!



Wedding Story: Jag & Christie

Wedding Story: Jag & Christie

Seeing all our family and friends there was amazing and of course watching Christie come down the aisle was breathtaking.

Wedding Story: Amy & Jag

Our wedding day was a traditional Sikh ceremony at the gurudwara. Our favourite moment was first look, it was an opportunity for Jag and I to share a private (with photographers) moment before the actual ceremony. 

Wedding Story: Ashley & Reggie

We love that we share similar values and goals in life. We appreciate how each of us takes care of our families and how we treat our friends.

Wedding Story: Avi & Binny

Make sure that the person you marry is not only the love of your life but also your best friend.

Wedding Story : Rimple & Vick

Wedding Story : Rimple & Vick

We met in high school at David Thompson Secondary. Vick liked me for about two years before I finally decided to give him a chance (he was very persistent). We started dating in 2003 in grade 10. This September will be 14 years for us.    

Wedding Story: Rylan & Gurvir

Rylan and I met in Gastown the night before I was moving to Kamloops for school. We hit it off right away and in conversation, realized we both shared mutual friends. It was a strange coincidence, because Rylan was from Kamloops and had moved to Vancouver. From that evening, we talked to each other every day until I moved back.