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PCCA holds workshop on Diabetes

18 Nov, 2014

On world diabetes day the Community Development Group of Pakistani Canadian Culture Association (PCCA), BC organized "An Informational Workshop" on Diabetes for the community on November 14. The objective of the workshop was to create awareness about the diseases and share professionals' opinions. Lubna Zaidi, a nutritionist presented her views on the diet management plan. She said with better diet control and daily exercise the diabetic patients can live longer and avoid any medical complications.

Nadeem Zia a volunteer for Open Door project of Open door for Success Association and Basit Khan Pharmacist manager of Sullivan Pharmacy, were of the view that diabetes patients should take extra care of their daily diets. They underlined the point that everyone should undergo yearly medical checkup to make sure they are not per-diabetes or diabetes patient. The sooner the disease diagnosed the better is for them. The message of the evening came out strong from both pharmacists that everyone should take Vitamin-D daily. In the end Sadia Sameeullah the head of the Community Development Group, PCCA and Naveed Wariach, President PCCA, thanked Mr Sukhi Bath, the owner of Sukhi Bath Motors, for providing the venue.