Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Seva Thrift Store celebrates 6th anniversary

21 Sep, 2022

Seva Thrift Store Society donated $20,000 to Options Community Services Gamechangers’ campaign for youth at risk. Raj Arneja, President of Seva Thrift Store Society and a Woman of Options for two years in a row stated, “Options does so much good in this community for women, youth, immigrants and refugees and other vulnerable populations. They have operated under the radar for fifty years and really are unsung heroes. SEVA is presenting this cheque for $20,000 knowing that this money will be well-placed. They really do make a difference in this and all South Fraser Communities”. 


Seva also gave  3 scholarships for their outstanding student volunteers. Two outstanding students who have volunteered diligently for over two years are receiving $2,000 for their future education endeavors. Another student who has volunteered for a year received $500.