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Vancouver Fashion Week 2015 Opening Gala

17 Mar, 2015
By Kanika Sasan
Vancouver Fashion Week which is the most acclaimed  and recognized industry event locally and internationally introduced  its  Fall/Winter 2015 season tonight.  The night was started by acknowledgements sent by both federal and municipal level of governments. A letter was sent from our Prime Minister Steven Harper and read out by one of the local members of parliament to the audience. 
The producer and founder of VFW Jamal Abdourahman was honoured and humbled by the kind gesture. This is the 25th season and it sure opened with a bang.
For 24 consecutive seasons, it has delivered a compact amalgamation of both local and international designers who showcase their peculiar styles and fashions in the industry. This season promises to do just the same but on a bigger level. Tonight was a perfect exhibit of glamour, beauty and fashion trends and creativity all under one roof. 
The event took place at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza  and promises a week of glitz, glamour and galore. For all you fashionista's out there, if you are looking to invest some time in researching and exploring new trends, this is going to be your week's destination.
Photo Credit: BAL IMAGES