Monday, June 27, 2022
The 5th Annual DARPAN Awards was honoured by the presence of British Columbia Premier Christy Clark. 
Looking stunning in a blue saree, Premier Clark was asked by our emcee @HuseMadavji why she wouldn't join the models in the fashion show. Flashing her trademark smile, she joked, "I learned from looking at the models that you are not allowed to smile! And I am not very good at not smiling." 
Addressing a distinguished audience, she recognized the amazing contributions of South Asians to the province and the country. She also mentioned how proud she was of all the awardees of the night.
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Below is an excerpt from her absolutely inspiring speech! 
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"Its a great honour to be with you, in particular our guest speaker. Madam [Anuradha] Koirala as you know, is an international campaigner against one of the worst crimes that happens around the world, that is 'Human Trafficking.' 


She reminds us all about how each of us has a chance to shape the future and to change it!

And there is one thing that I know about the future and I bet you know this.. It comes anyway! When the future comes, don't you want to have a hand in changing it; in making it a world that you would like to live in?

She [Anuradha Koirala] has dedicated her life to doing that, as have all of the awardees being honoured tonight by DARPAN Magazine - extraordinary British Columbians who have reached out to shape the future and decided to make British Columbia, Canada, and the world a much better place.

I head off on my second trade mission to India and when we are there we will be celebrating the achievements of South Asians here in BC and leveraging all that you bring to our province. 

Not long ago, we remembered and commemorated the anniversary of the Komagata Maru. Those days, thank goodness, are long behind us! 

South Asians are contributing so much to our society and we are blessed by the diversity and multiculturalism of the world that we live in today. There is no place in the world like British Columbia and I am so proud to live here. 

I am so proud of all of the awardees who are here with us tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, its been a great honour to join you. I hope you enjoy your evening and I hope you leave with a sense of purpose, because we all do have a tremendous opportunity to make the world, our country, our province, and this great community that we live in a better place.

Thank you very much! "