Monday, February 26, 2024

 Darpan Chat Central is proud to bring you the rising star Parv Sandhar who has become a community favourite, thanks to his musical talent. “Do whatever you want to do. Just give your 100%. One day, you will be successful,” he told DARPAN. "I thought to myself that if I can do everything – from finding the song and singing it, to making the music and video – then, why not launch my own label? This way, I can produce back-to-back songs.” Today, his label, Parv Sandhar Music, boasts over a million total views on YouTube, with three song releases: Don’t Do It, Gediyan, and Glock.

While Glock is a recent release and is getting much admiration from all, Don’t Do It was especially appreciated by Sandhar’s female fan following given its romantic touch. Upbeat song, Gediyan, was particularly enjoyed by international students, as it shines their struggles, hard work, dreams, and desire to be successful; the relatable song, given its relevant topic, especially blew up on TikTok and Instagram, with Sandhar continuing to receive video content (like Instagram Reels) from his supporters.

With seven songs now under his belt, Sandhar’s advice to aspiring music artists entails working hard and following their heart. He shares, “Do whatever you want to do. Just give your 100%. One day, you will be successful.” Sandhar is hopeful and anticipates pandemic-related restrictions soon coming to an end, so that he can bring exciting concerts for music lovers across the Lower Mainland. His growing fan base eagerly awaits!