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Chef Hari Nayak

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 25 Jan, 2014 03:42 AM
  • Chef Hari Nayak
Hari Nayak’s elaborate career as a chef has literally explored all corners of the industry. He is a restaurateur, an author, a culinary consultant and of course a prominent chef, who has addressed a common misconception associated with Indian cooking that is ‘its complex.’
Nayak has elegantly showcased his unique and subtle culinary skills with a personal touch of distinctiveness on the platter in order to present cooking that appeals to even those who are not familiar with the cuisine. This celebrity chef has been highly praised for showcasing his exceptional and simple style to the commonly conceived idea of complex Indian cooking.
Hailing from South India, Nayak has been professing his love for cooking for the past 15 years. After spending a portion of his career in India, Nayak went on to extend his experience and knowledge by working in restaurants in Paris, New York and London. 
Today, this chef has grown to publish several of his own bestselling books like Modern Indian Cooking and My Indian Kitchen.
Not only that, Nayak is regularly engrossed in providing consulting services to organizations like ifoodTV and Sodexo USA, along with several popular restaurants. In further absorption within his career, Nayak initiated America’s first ice cream patisserie Halo Fete in New Jersey.
Referring to the famous lines of George Bernard Shaw, Nayak concludes his underlying principle of cooking and says “There is no love sincerer that the love of food.”
We are delighted to share simple, yet appetizing dishes by renowned Chef Hari Nayak, who further provides insight on his dishes.