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Almond Mint Potatoes

By Chef Shipra Khanna, 09 Apr, 2020 11:41 PM
  • Almond Mint Potatoes
  • Almond Mint Potatoes
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For the potatoes:

• 250 gms baby potatoes

• 120 gms almonds, soaked in water overnight

• 2 tbsp oil

• 2 tbsp finely minced garlic

• 1 tbsp poppy seeds, ground to a paste

• 1 tsp tomato purée (commercial)

• ½ cup puréed fresh mint leaves

• 1 tsp garam masala powder

• 1 tbsp red Kashmiri chilli powder

• 1 tbsp black pepper powder

• 2 tsp salt

• ½ cup cream

• 8-10 saffron strands, dissolved in 1 tsp milk

For the vegetables:

• 250 gms baby potatoes • 1 tbsp butter

• 2 carrots, cut into even sticks

• 8-10 French beans, trimmed and blanched • A pinch of salt



• Scrub the potatoes and parboil them in salted water. Drain and set aside whole. Do not peel them. Peel the almonds and grind them to a paste. Set aside.

• Put the oil in a pan on moderate heat. When hot, sauté the garlic, till fragrant. Add the almond and poppy seeds pastes and cook for five minutes, stirring all the while.

• Stir in the tomato and mint purées, spice powders and salt. Simmer for a few minutes. Add the potatoes and cook, till tender. Mix in the cream and saffron and simmer for another 10 minutes.

• In the meanwhile, melt the butter for the vegetables in another pan on low to moderate heat. Add the carrots and beans and sauté, till tender, but crunchy. Mix in the salt.

• Serve the potatoes with the sautéed vegetables and naan or roti.


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