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An Indian Affair: A Culinary Destination

Darpan News Desk, 16 Mar, 2018
  • An Indian Affair: A Culinary Destination


"An Indian Affair is a scale above; we do everything with a twist. The food, customer service and ambience we provide are on a different level.”   

- Gary Bakshi, Founder of An Indian Affair

As more and more people are making Langley their home, the culinary spaces in the region are gaining popularity. Leading the popularity chart is An Indian Affair, a restaurant that offers authentic Indian food and a wide range of healthy options. Started in 2012 by food expert and Master Chef Gary Bakshi, An Indian Affair is a favourite food hub among Langley locals and visitors, and offers a unique experience unlike other Indian eateries in the city. “An Indian Affair is a scale above; we do everything with a twist. The food, customer service and ambience we provide are on a different level,” says Gary proudly.
An Indian Affair is now become bigger and refined; it recently had a makeover and expansion. Promising a relaxing yet lively ambience, the attractive look and feel of the restaurant is working its magic and bringing in an increasing number of customers. Bright hues of red, orange and yellow dominate the colour scheme of the restaurant; creating a balance between bright and soothing are subtle earthy tones of bronze, copper and brown. “Indian food is all about celebration, so the restaurant’s décor includes a lot of bright, inviting food colours such as the red of a chilly and yellow of turmeric,” explains Gary, who has had 26 long years of experience in the cooking and hotel industry as an expert chef in the finest restaurants of India, United States, and Canada.
Offering an enjoyable atmosphere, multiple and healthy food choices, creative presentations, and excellent customer service, An Indian Affair is on a mission to earn the title of the number one Indian restaurant in Langley. Satisfied with this immense growth and fame, Gary says that before the upgrade, An Indian Affair was “a neighbourhood restaurant, now it is a destination.”
The restaurant’s extensive menu comprises of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian specialities, and gluten-free and vegan alternatives. The daily lunch buffet includes guest favourites like Butter Chicken; a salad bar; multiple dessert options; and complementary Indian chai tea. The restaurant also has a good wine collection and a wide range of local wines. 
The food at An Indian Affair is prepared by 5-star trained chefs in the healthiest and hygienic way. “We use a lot of olive blends and organic food products, and have a moderate spice level that suits all our customers,” adds Gary. The food is prepared with utmost sincerity, providing a delectable dish that blends flavourful spices with alluring colours, satisfying not only your appetite but other senses as well. Gary understands that delicious food and presentation go hand-in hand. Each item is presented in a creative manner and the final touch gives it a very high-end feel. “Our most popular dishes are Gobi Manchurian, Mixed Grill Affair, Chicken Chettinaad and lamb chops,” says Gary, whose special touch and care has made him a known face among the loyal customers.
At An Indian Affair, you are not only guaranteed exceptional food but an overall pleasurable experience at a vibrant location run by talented staff. Every customer’s need is taken note of and fulfilled in the most efficient manner – so much so that everyone leaves the place feeling happy and satisfied. “The restaurant is all about the experience which needs to be good. Every customer matters to us,” says Gary, who has also introduced entertainment nights at the restaurant. Once a month, talented local musicians perform live at the restaurant, taking the ambience factor a notch higher.
The flourishing restaurant has won many accolades for its food and service. Over the years, An Indian Affair has received notable titles such as #1 Restaurant in Langley, Best Vegan Food in Langley, and Favourite Buffet in Langley. “Ours is the only restaurant in Langley of this calibre, people compare us with Cactus Club and other top food outlets,” reveals Gary in conlusion.
Go ahead and enjoy authentic Indian food with a modern, healthy twist and revisit India right here in BC.
#146-19653 Willowbrook Drive, Langley BC 
Facebook:  An Indian Affair

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