Saturday, September 23, 2023

Alvin Prasad: Connecting Soles to Sports


    Every Single Sole works towards collecting and distributing sporting equipment to children in various parts of the globe

    Alvin Prasad is on a mission to secure a pair of soles and sporting equipment to kids in the neglected areas of the world. With his organization, Every Single Sole, Prasad and his team have already concluded a project in the Fiji Islands, and are all set to take their operations to South Africa and India. “At the end of the day, where the child resides has no significance to us.  If we can provide that little bit of joy in their lives, that’s all we’re concerned with,” Prasad explains as I ask him what geographic ventures Every Single Sole has on board.

    Presently employed in the Electrical Engineering sector, Prasad says he was born in Canada in a massive Fijian family and grew up with traditional values and ideals that come with the people of the islands. What sprouted the idea of Every Single Sole were Prasad’s trips to the developing and underdeveloped nations. “I had noticed that the boys/girls of these areas were out playing the beautiful game but didn’t quite have the required equipment needed to succeed at it,” he recalls.

    After discussing ideas and execution plans with his peers and colleagues in the spring of 2014, Prasad proudly mentions that by summer time the team had amassed enough material for their first drop-off in Fiji. In the fall of 2014, Every Single Sole was able to outfit 100 school kids in the rural parts of the Fiji Islands. “By the end of it (drop-off) most [children] had jerseys, boots, shin pads, goalie gloves and bags of balls!” Prasad says. “All because of the kind donations made locally.”

    Sports, which is globally credited as an element binding diverse communities and ethnicities together, with the assistance of individuals such as Alvin Prasad is being able to support these kids better. It conjugates traits of character building, social interaction, physiological and psychological well-being of the child, regardless of his/her place of residence. “Playing the game of football is one of the greatest joys.  It brings kids together and makes them realize that regardless of their social class, they too can flourish. Sometimes, we in developed areas forget just how much we are given. It only made sense for me to try and help kids in underdeveloped regions feel the same joys as our kids here, by simply offering proper soccer shoes for their feet,” Prasad observes.

    Following their successful stint in Fiji, Prasad and his team are heading to Pretoria, South Africa, this fall. “There we’ll be providing the same sort of equipment to a region where 98% of the kids come from disadvantaged areas. So we’re really thrilled to be able to help these kids.”

    In 2016, Every Single Sole will pin their third project in India, and this Prasad says, is expected to be their most successful drop-off mission. The organization is already in talks with groups in India who are equally excited about the proposal. “Hopefully we as a community can really come together and work to put smiles on the faces of those kids back in a region that really needs it.”

    Prasad and his team cite the generous support of local communities throughout British Columbia for the collection of valuable sporting equipment. With their expanding projects abroad and on the field, Every Single Sole is setting a model of inspiration. In the coming years, the team plans to carry out more of such drop-offs in regions throughout the world with the hope that they can build a connection with a variety of nations needing assistance.

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