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Diljott: Meet The 
‘Patiala Peg’ Girl

By Shanel Khaliq, 26 Nov, 2015
  • Diljott: Meet The 
‘Patiala Peg’ Girl

Young actress Diljott is the newest member of Punjab’s film industry. She shot to fame after being featured in Diljit Dosanjh’s s popular music video ‘Patiala Peg’. The song, which is one of the biggest hits of Punjabi cinema, has proven to be a lucky charm for Diljott.

Diljott was shooting for her upcoming Punjabi film, Yaar Annmulle 2, when she was offered the part in the song. “I got a call from director Arvinder Khaira asking me if I could be a part of this song. That was a great moment, and the very next day, I was on the set shooting for it,” she recalls.

The young starlet credits the music video to have given her a breakthrough into the entertainment industry. “‘Patiala Peg’ has certainly given me a boost and my performance opposite Diljit Dosanjh has hugely been appreciated,” says Diljott, adding that working with Dosanjh has been a dream cum true. “He is an extremely fine artist and a very nice person. His simplicity and originality are remarkable. You get to learn so much while you are working with him.”

Coming back to Yaar Annmulle 2, Diljott will play the character of a very meaningful and beautiful girl named Sabar in the film. “Audience will love the different shades of my role, and the twists and turns it brings in the story,” she adds, revealing that a few other Hindi and Punjabi projects are in the pipeline as well.

For Diljott, acting and dance has been her passion from a very young age. She made sure that she was a part of acting and dance performances throughout school and college, and so the decision to take it up professionally also followed through. She is trained in kathak, folk and western dancer. She also attended Actor Prepares – an acting school in Mumbai.

Despite her inclination towards the arts, Diljott was also outstanding in academics. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Human Rights from Panjab University, Chandigarh, with a University gold medal in both. 

Diljott has amassed a huge fan following in a short span of time through her work. Her parent’s support has been one of the biggest factors behind her success. “They have been my guide, my philosophers, and moral support in every phase of life. My parents always believed that I should follow my heart and then give it my best. They are really ecstatic whenever they watch my work and performance and feel proud of my achievements,” she shares.

At heart, Diljott is a philanthropist. She believes in giving back to the community. “I am associated with an NGO Prabh Aasra (Home for Destitute) and have been involved in various affairs of the NGO. I am a member of NGO ArriveSafe, which works for road safety. I feel that Waheguru has bestowed us with many bounties of life and we must involve ourselves in philanthropic activities and give happiness to others.”

On her recent visit to Vancouver, she got a chance to perform in a number of shows and received a good response for it. “Vancouver is simply beautiful and coming to Vancouver is like home away from home.”“I am lucky that my work is getting appreciated far and wide. It’s a very fulfilling and blissful journey,” she says in conclusion.


Photo: Amrit Photography, Outfit: MADE IN INDIA, Makeup: Luvania Studio


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