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Vancouver Fashion Week 2014 Day 3

22 Mar, 2014
Vancouver Fashion Week 2014 – Day 3
Darpan Magazine was front row and centre at Day 3 of Vancouver Fashion Week. It was a fun-filled event with awe-inspiring collections that drew a few standing ovations. 
Memorable collections of the night include Garde Del Avante – designer Naanafya, who is based out of Toronto, has created stunning, high-end handcrafted costume jewelry pieces – definitely a show stopper!  
Well Groomed presented the creations of Dave Singh, and his collection evoked a sense of romanticism which was met well by the audience. The focus was on fusion gowns incorporating lace, sequins, crystals and intricate designs. We loved the last piece worn by model Jasmeen Johal, it was gorgeous!
Highlights of Day 3 were definitely international designers Parvesh & Jai and Shravan Kumar, both of whom simply blew away the crowd with their creative genius! These international designers travelled from India to showcase at Vancouver Fashion Week, and the caliber and craftsmanship of their pieces were evident as the models strutted down the runway in their exquisite couture collections. 
Parvesh & Jai, who are based in Delhi, try to evoke a strong female presence in their collections, and the focus for their Fall/Winter collection was ‘The Baroque Princess.” The collection was comprised of evening gowns, jump suits, bolero jackets and a-symmetrical dresses in shades of beige, black and gold showcasing the best of the Baroque art period from 1590 to 1725. These fashion forward pieces were simply stunning, and the embroidery in gold motifs exhibited attention to detail and craftsmanship at its finest!
Concluding the evening was Shravan Kumar, who believes “fashion is a religion rather than a profession.” Based out of Hyderabad, Kumar strives to create high-end fashion with a conscious. His Fall/Winter collection was an ode to weaves and weavers, which took the audience through a tale of eight dynasties evoking a regal, majestic feel. Kumar’s show started off with a bold entrance, in which all of his models came out in a block formation down the runway – talk about grabbing the audience’s attention right from the start! Kumar’s pieces were rich and opulent, and you can only imagine the skill level that weavers have in order to create such visual masterpieces of art. 
Parvesh  & Jai and Shravan Kumar are designers, who push the boundary from ordinary to extraordinary!
We had an amazing time at Day 3 of Vancouver Fashion Week, stay tuned for continual coverage. 
Written by Renu Singh-Joseph, Editor of DARPAN Magazine
Photography by Rene Artiga of Mauricio Rivera Photography