Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Aishwarya Roshan

Name: Aishwarya Roshan

Year: 2015
Presented By: Stephen Dooley, Executive Director, SFU Surrey

Aishwarya Roshan was one among 50 high school graduates to receive the prestigious Schulich Leader Scholarships of $60,000 this year. She is currently studying at the University of British Columbia with a Schulich science scholarship, and hopes to study pharmacology.

Roshan, who graduated from high school with a 96 percent average, founded a national environmental youth group during her high school. During grade 11 and 12, she led six clubs within her school district, while pursuing a semi-professional dance career. Roshan greatly appreciates youth involvement and leadership, and is a firm believer that youth hold the key to positive change in the world.

She finds immense satisfaction in working with communities to implement solutions, projects, and innovations that would better serve society. From her high school experience, she has developed an ever-growing passion for environmentalism, international relations, and journalism, alongside her interest in the sciences.