Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Gurpreet Arneja and Vineet Taneja

Name: Gurpreet Arneja and Vineet Taneja

Year: 2012
Presented By: Hari Varshney, Varshney Capital Corp.
Gurpreet Arneja and Vineet Taneja were recognized with the Corporate Engagement Award at Darpan Magazine’s Extraordinary Achievement Awards for their company, Nanak Foods. As President and CEO respectively, Arneja and Taneja have been responsible for the incredible growth and success of the now largest CFIA, FDA and EU approved dairy product manufacturer in North America, specializing in Indian dairy products. Established in 1997, with one employee in a 2,000-square-foot facility, the company currently operates out of 100,000-square-feet employing 150 workers. Their award-winning operations have expanded worldwide. Recognized for their extraordinary achievements as South Asian entrepreneurs and embodying the entrepreneurial spirit, Arneja and Taneja had much to say about entrepreneurial success and their advice to the South Asian community and Canadian society in general. “No successful entrepreneur has had a smooth ride to the top and none ever will. The challenges, disappointments and failures will always be there; it’s the manner you handle them that determines whether you will succeed or not.” They have received several prestigious awards for their strong management and commitment to their craft including the 2009 BC Export Award as well as the Top Innovation of Anuga Award 2011.