Monday, February 19, 2018
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David Sidoo

Name: David Sidoo

Year: 2012
Presented By: Ravi Shankar Aisola, Consulate General of India

David Sidoo was recognized for his extraordinary contributions to diverse charitable ventures when he received the Darpan Extraordinary Achievement Award for Advancing Philanthropy. After an impressive career as a professional football player, including time with both the Saskatchewan Roughriders and BC Lions, Sidoo now finds himself successfully overseeing a private investment banking and financial management firm. The drive and passion that pushed Sidoo to succeed throughout his careers in both football and banking has easily translated into his work within the community where he is well known for his support of a wide variety of worthy causes. Sidoo has been recognized by the Government of British Columbia, inducted into the UBC Sports Hall of Fame, and was named among the top 100 South Asians making a difference in BC today. The Sidoo Family Foundation lends it’s support to several charitable causes, many with a focus on developing the youth of the nation. From BC Children’s Hospital to the University of British Columbia and New Westminster Secondary School, Sidoo and his wife Manjy have helped fund programs for special needs children, Indo-Canadian youth, athletic endeavours and social justice, among others. “Time, treasure and talent – the three pillars the Sidoo Family giving is based on,” Sidoo says of helping the community. Sidoo was honoured to receive the Advancing Philanthropy Award yet humbled to have even been nominated. “Philanthropy and getting involved with the community is not just about writing a cheque,” Sidoo said after accepting his award. “It's about giving back to this place that has been so good to your family.”