Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Asa Singh Johal

Name: Asa Singh Johal

Year: 2011
Presented By: Canadian Western Bank representatives- Bob Duffield, AVP, Branch Manager (right) and Puneet Agrawal, Director of Business Development (center)

Asa Singh Johal started a trucking business when he was only 19. In 1962, je established a sawmilling operation at Mitchell Island and this was the foundation for the successful running of Terminal Sawmill Group of Companies. In 1974, Johal bought Mainland Forest Products and later went on to acquire two sawmills and a remanufacturing plant in the US. But business in not the only area where this Indo-Canadian stalwart excels at. His donation of millions to various organizations, causes and project in Canada and India, have positively affected lives of numerous individuals. He is the founding chairman of India Cultural Centre of Canada. The long list of achievements that Johal has brought on board, have successfully garnered him prestigious accolades including Order of British Columbia.