Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Dr. Narinder Kapany

Name: Dr. Narinder Kapany

Year: 2013
Presented By: Canadian Western Bank executives, Puneet Agrawal, Director of Business Development; Rob Berzins, VP and Deputy Regional Manager, BC; and Bob Duffield, AVP Branch Manager
Dr. Narinder Kapany’s groundbreaking research in the 1950’s led to the development of fiber optics. Without this scientific discovery, things such as lasers, solar energy, fiber optic communications, pollution monitoring and even the Internet would not have been possible. Hailed as the Father of Fiber Optics,
Kapany was born in Punjab, India and seemed to have a knack for science from a young age. He studied in India and then London where he successfully completed his objective of demonstrating the transmission of light and images through fiberglass. He has gone on to win countless awards including the Excellence 2000 Award, the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, and the DARPAN Extraordinary Achievement Award for International Sensation.
Kapany was pleasantly surprised to receive the award. “This award is a matter of great satisfaction, not only to me but also to various colleagues of mine that have contributed to so much of our success.” As the Keynote Speaker for the evening, Kapany went on to say, “Darpan Magazine’s Extraordinary Achievement Awards was a pleasant surprise for me. Firstly I was most impressed with the quality of 700 guests attending the function, which consisted of numerous MP’s, MLA's, professionals and high level business executives. Secondly, the quality of various entertainments was truly superior! Thirdly, I was impressed that a number of legislators, who promised me that they would help find a Vancouver museum to set up a permanent Sikh Art exhibit, as I offered to donate art from my collection.” A truly remarkable individual, who at 87-years-old continues to create, innovate and inspire generations to come.