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Breaking Barriers

Dr. V. Setty Pendakur

Name: Dr. V. Setty Pendakur

Year: 2013
Presented By: David Laulainen, Director Communications & Marketing, Century Group, developer of 3 Civic Plaza and the Civic Hotel, Surrey City Centre
Dr. V. Setty Pendakur’s list of achievements is very long and admirable. To name a few, he is a consultant to the governments of China, India and Singapore; he is the Founding Director of the Institute of Transportation Policy and Development in New York; he is a National Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences and the Institutes of Medicine; he has served on countless NGO boards and foundations; and lastly, he is the first South Asian to be elected as a Vancouver City Councillor.
Pendakur’s achievements have gained him much recognition and he received 2013 DARPAN’s Extraordinary Achievement award for Breaking Barriers. This award honoured Pendakur for being an influential leader, educator and contributor to society as well as someone who continues to inspire future generations.
The accolades go on, yet Pendakur remains humble about his achievements. “Recognition is always satisfying…but this does not change me. I do what I do not for the recognition, but for the inherent aspects of service (seva), without craving the prizes.”
The year 2013 was Pendakur’s first time at the Darpan Extraordinary Achievement Awards and he greatly enjoyed himself, especially the entertainment. “The function was extraordinarily well-organized, smooth and went well.”