Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Barj Dhahan

Name: Barj Dhahan

Year: 2013
Presented By: Aly Jiwani, General Manager, BMW Langley
Barj Dhahan came to live in British Columbia in the 1960’s from his home in Punjab, and he has never looked back. A graduate from the University of British Columbia, Dhahan founded the Sandhurst Group of companies, which specializes in commercial real estate development.
Besides being one of the largest Esso dealers and Tim Horton’s franchisees in BC, Dhahan has served in many non-profit and community development initiatives that have strategically been building relationships between Canadian and Indian organizations for more than 20 years.
Dhahan has been a pioneer in developing Canada-India university collaborations and Barj was also an official Canadian delegate with Prime Minister Harper’s November 2012 mission to India.
Dhahan’s company Sandhurst Group has made significant contributions including awarding more than $ 80,000 in annual bursaries to talented and needy high school graduates in BC and has donated over $ 275,000 to Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation.
In recognition of his work as a leader and entrepreneur in the South Asian community, Dhahan was awarded with DARPAN’s Extraordinary Achievement Award for Corporate Engagement.
“I am grateful for being given the award,” says Dhahan. “It was a good way to recognize people contributing to society, and I appreciate the effort that Darpan Magazine made.”