Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Suneet Singh Tuli

Name: Suneet Singh Tuli

Year: 2012
Presented By: Chris Fowler, President and COO; Puneet Agrawal, Director of Business Development and Bob Duffield, AVP, Branch Manager
Darpan Magazine’s Extraordinary Achievement Award for International Sensation was awarded to Suneet Singh Tuli, the technology entrepreneur and visionary behind several successful companies who aims to help educate and digitally-enable billions around the world. “We are simply pursuing our passion of making technology affordable for the masses, and any success is the result of God’s Grace. Recognition by the community is important validation in our quest.” 
Tuli is President and CEO of DataWind UK PLC, which he founded with his brother Raja Singh Tuli and incorporated in 2000. Using their background in imaging cut industries, the Tuli brothers set out to deliver a better quality Internet experience on wireless networks – and they wanted to make it affordable. DataWind has recently received international attention for their Aakash/UbiSlate tablet, the world’s cheapest tablet computer with prices ranging from $35 to $60 for the end user and used throughout India to promote e-learning.
Including three Guinness Book of World Records designations, DataWind, along with Tuli’s two other companies Docuport and Widecom, have received countless accolades for the role in advancing technology. DataWind recently was awarded Technology
Achievement Awards by both the Indo Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Indo-US Chamber of Commerce as well as UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company by UK Trade & Investment.
Tuli’s advice to those in the community centers around his passion for creating a better world abroad. “It is time we all take advantage of the comforts we’ve been accustomed to in Canada,” he said. “And figure out how we can extend those to the ‘other three billion’ in the developing world. That is where the world’s greatest opportunity exists.”