Friday, February 23, 2018
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Breaking Barriers

Dr. Gurdev S. Gill

Name: Dr. Gurdev S. Gill

Year: 2014
Presented By: Paul Bhogal and Sohan Bhogal, Founders of Sunrise Kitchens Ltd.
Since immigrating to Canada in 1949, Gurdev Gill has been a pillar and a pioneer of the Indo-Canadian community in British Columbia. He was the first Indo-Canadian to graduate with a medical degree from the University of British Columbia and the first Indo-Canadian to practice medicine in Canada.
As a former President of the Khalsa Diwan Society, he helped with the early human rights struggles that faced the Indo-Canadian community and was one of the individuals instrumental in building the Ross Street. He was also part of several delegations to Ottawa in the 1950s to push for voting and immigration rights. Dr. Gill has devoted his energy and finances to charity, starting the Indo-Canadian Friendship Society of BC (ICFSBC) and championing projects to provide rural Indian villages with sanitary living conditions, clean drinking water, public health and rural infrastructure upgrades.