Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Dr. Saida Rasul

Name: Dr. Saida Rasul

Year: 2016
Presented By: James Howey, Air Canada

Dr. Saida Rasul is a dentist and community volunteer focused on the improvement of the lives of the less fortunate in British Columbia and in many other countries.


During her tenure on the board of governors of SFU, Dr. Rasul stewarded capital projects in excess of $200 million and championed the creation of the Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Cultures and Societies.


Her philanthropy includes gifts of nearly $12 million to the BC Cancer Agency, SFU, UBC, United Way and BC Children’s Hospital, among others.




She is a volunteer to the Aga Khan University. She has helped set up two preventive dental programs as part of the hospital systems in East Africa and in Pakistan and is working with volunteers to set up a diploma of dental hygiene program to train students who will go back and improve the oral health and general health of their rural communities.


In recognition of her sustained community contributions over three decades, Dr. Rasul has received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from SFU, the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal and recent recognition by the British Columbia and Canadian Dental Associations.