Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Manny Bahia & Karm Sumal (Daily Hive)

Name: Manny Bahia & Karm Sumal (Daily Hive)

Year: 2016
Presented By: Milan Mann, BM Group

Manny Bahia and Karm Sumal are co-founders of Daily Hive – a digital media company dedicated to connecting readers with their city’s culture. Childhood friends Karm Sumal and Manny Bahia launched Vancity Buzz (now Daily Hive) in a South Vancouver basement in 2008. The site began as an information source for local events before eventually expanding into breaking news. Vancity Buzz’s big break came with their coverage of 2010 Olympics and further solidified its community standing with its coverage of the Vancouver Canucks’ 2011 run to the Stanley Cup Final. Bahia looks after the business development aspect of the business, whereas Sumal is in charge of the content and direction of Daily Hive and also manages the overall direction of the Twitter and Instagram accounts. Daily Hive has now become a leading digital media company amassing over 2 million unique visitors a month and has expanded to Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. In 2015, the Downtown Vancouver BIA named Vancity Buzz its first-ever recipient of “The Emerging Leader Award.”