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Nidhi Chaudhary: Making Your Dream Home A Reality

23 Nov, 2018

    A passionate realtor, Nidhi is equipped with all the right tools to help every kind of customer seeking a place to purchase.

    Real estate in British Columbia continues to escalate, making it one of the biggest industries in the province. British Columbians aspire to find their perfect homes and this demand is aptly met by realtors and real estate agencies. Recently licensed realtor Nidhi Chaudhary is the realty sector’s newest and eager member. 
    Nidhi decided to pursue the profession with the aim of helping her clients find their ideal house at the best deal possible. “I want to help others in the community find their dream homes,” states Nidhi, who is associated with Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.
    Along with her husband, Gagan Chaudhary, a longshoreman and unlicensed assistant to Nidhi, the independent businesswoman strives to provide home-buyers with efficient customer care and well-researched information. As a realtor, she specializes in selling all kinds of houses – from condos and townhouses to other resident and commercial spaces. 
    A passionate realtor, Nidhi is equipped with all the right tools to help every kind of customer seeking a place to purchase. “Besides finding a good home and location, we will provide a detailed background of the property and other necessary advice to help our clients make an informed decision,” adds Nidhi.
    Over the years, the couple has built prominent connections with developers, financers and important agents of the real estate world all over BC. Through these connections, Nidhi and Gagan receive exclusive information on current and upcoming projects BC-wise; their clients are the very first ones to get access to this information on amazing houses at affordable prices. 
    Though Nidhi has just entered the industry, she points out that the industry shows no signs of slowing down. “Based on what the experts say, property rise will still be ongoing and will not drastically reduce even with the new mortgage and housing laws,” she shares, encouraging interested buyers to contact her and to make use of the services she is offering.
    Looking for a reliable realtor who has your best interests in mind? 
    Call Nidhi Chaudhary for a free market evaluation today! Call: 778.321.6372

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