Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Artistic Visionary

Jarnail Singh

Name: Jarnail Singh

Year: 2010
Presented By: Bharat and Jas Mathur, SFS Solutions

Jarnail Singh is an artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, and art journalist. Singh arrived in Canada in 2000 and has been actively involved in the local arts community since then. His work includes classical portraits of Sikh Gurus and historical events along with images that capture scenes of the quickly disappearing traditional Punjabi folk culture. More recently he has produced a series of portraits of the exceptionally beautiful women from the Punjab, and has begun a series of paintings of BC’s landscapes. This artists’s work has been exhibited internationally and continues to be represented in international collections, including the Central Sikh Museum, Sri Darbar Sahib, Golden Temple, Amritsar, and a large mural in Gurdwara Singh Sabha in Surrey. He has also published numerous articles, authored the books Punjabi Chitarkar (Punjabi Painters) and “Vishav de Parsidh Chitarkar Shahkar” (World Famous Painters and Paintings) and is a contributor to the Punjabi writer’s forum. Singh was recently honoured with City of Surrey’s First Civic Treasures Award. He was among twelve people from various fields from Arts, Literature and Culture honoured for their lifetime contributions to the city’s art field.

This award was accepted by Nina Grewal on behalf of Jarnail Singh.