Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Hari Varshney

Name: Hari Varshney

Year: 2010
Presented By: Daljit Thind. CEO, Thind Properties

Hari Varshney completed his undergraduate degree at Agra University, India, and then got a master’s in accounting before moving to Canada in 1967 to pursue MBA at UBC on a $1000 scholarship. Upon completion of his MBA, Varhsney was hired as a CA, a position he occupied for over a decade before working on audits of publicly traded companies. But it was only when he turned his attention to investing in capital markets that Varshney went on to establish Varshney Capital Corp., a venture capital company that has raised tens of millions of dollars for venture capital projects around the world and counts a number of highly successful large-scale entrepreneurial companies among its clients, including Carmanah Technologies Corp. and Camphor Ventures Inc.