Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Baltej Dhillon

Name: Baltej Dhillon

Year: 2010
Presented By: Renato Zane, OMNI TV

Baltej Dhillion was born in 1966 in Malaysia and immigrated to Canada with his family in 1982. After completing his studies in criminology with the intention of becoming a criminal lawyer, Dhillon started volunteering with RCMP to launch the Block Watch program in his community. This he was advised would help him get into his field of law. However, due to dedication and efforts with the Block Watch program, Dhillon was hired by the RCMP to work on the program. At that point, he had to make a choice between duty and religion as the RCMP requires officers to be clean-shaven and wearing an issued headgear. Dhillon decided to fight for his religious rights. Dhillon applied to the RCMP commissioner, and in April 1989, the commissioner recommended the prohibition against turbans. After several months of debate and arguments, the federal government removed the ban and in 1990, Solicitor General Pierre Cadieux delivered his ruling to allow turbans.