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Make Heads Turn!

Leena Manro Darpan, 09 Jun, 2014
  • Make Heads Turn!
Whether understated or bold, wedding décor cannot be ignored; it is an essential part of making your big day memorable. Here are some of the latest Indian wedding décor trends that can transform your wedding into a truly fashionable and unforgettable occasion.
1 Try making a head table with a sofa instead of the usual chairs.
Talk about comfort and luxury all in one! Imagine sitting on a luxurious and graceful sofa with your beau and family; an elegant place to take pictures before dinner starts. Then, when it’s time for dinner and the speeches, attendants turn this sofa into a head dinner table. The effect is a beautiful reception experience that is both elegant and comfortable.
2 A crystal stage or mandap
In some traditions, a stage is set up with a mandap under which the nuptials take place.  Decorating the mandap with flowers or petals is beautiful, but why not take it step further and add crystals? This year, more and more couples are doing just that. Paired with just some crystal-inspired centerpieces, the rest of your décor can be quite simple, but the effect is high glamour.
3 “Break out patterns” that light up your hall
The Boston Sound and Light Company is offering something unique and very cool called “break out patterns.” Using lighting effects, the entire room can be lit with Indian-inspired patterns on the walls and flooring. The effect is a full room décor, with decorative patterns and warm lighting that can be customized to the couple’s preferences.  Again, this also allows you to keep the rest of the décor fairly neutral so as not to overpower the lighting pattern designs. 
4 Colour combinations that make a statement
The colour you choose to decorate your hall with should reflect your style and your personality. The latest colour trends for North American style weddings are crisp and cool. Aqua, coral and shades of pink are very “in” this year. Rich colours such as navy blue are also showing up all over the wedding scene. These might not be the “traditional” colour combinations for Indian weddings…but if you add elements of gold, silver, copper or crystal sparkle, accents that make our weddings so unique, then the effect is show stopping. Imagine royal blue with gold accents? Luxurious! 
5 Or opt for more traditional colour in unique combinations?
If aqua and silver or navy and gold are too extreme, and you’d prefer to have something more traditional yet unique, try opting for traditional colours in untraditional pairings. For example, orange is a favourite “traditional colour” that can look beautiful paired with pink, if the right tones are used. The effect is something very South Asian, but clean and elegant.   
6 Wedding themes throughout all the ceremonies
In past years, many couples would decorate according to each ceremony. The mendhi night would have its own theme, which would likely differ from the bridal shower, and ultimately the wedding and reception. Instead of decorating separately for each ceremony, many couples are starting to use the same colour scheme throughout, right from the invitations through to the reception. Because there are so many ceremonies in South Asian weddings, having a unifying theme is a great way to brand your wedding as distinctly your own.  
While trends and new décor ideas are fun, keep in mind that the outcome should reflect your personality and taste, regardless of the trends, and your wedding is sure to be beautiful!