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Treasured Keepsakes

Darpan, 09 Jun, 2014
  • Treasured Keepsakes
Remember the days when wedding favours consisted of stale mints in a tacky, white box? Those days are long gone! Brides and grooms are now putting thought and effort into their favours. After all, the favour is a token of gratitude for your guests – it’s a way to say ‘thank you for taking the time to share in our big day.’
Whether you’re ordering personalized items or making the favours yourself, there are so many cute lil’ things to choose from. And brides and grooms are now customizing their favours to match their theme, colours or season, be it a beach theme, red and gold colours or the fall season. Moreover, many couple are choosing favours that showcase the best of their region or city in the form of gourmet treats.
Whatever you decide on, we’re sure it’s going to be personalized and an amazing keepsake of your wedding. To help you along the process, we wanted to share some of our favourite ideas with you… 
Heaven in a Bite
Who doesn’t love biting into a scrumptious treat, specially made for you? This year, the craze is all about macaroons – from dessert towers to party favours. La Macaronette specializes in these delectable delights, and each macaroon is hand-crafted to perfection. Couples can choose from popular flavours like Salted Caramel to Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, or customize the colours and flavours to match their event colours or décor. For favours, the macaroons come fully assembled or there are DIY options available to manage costs.
For the Eco-Chic Couple
Looking for a favour that is not only unique, but is sustainable and handmade? Lulu Island Honey is a family run and operated business, which offers eco-chic wedding favours from petite jars of honey and beeswax candles to tea and honey packages. Lulu Island offers the very best of the region, and its honey is minimally treated and handled to preserve its flavours and nutrients. Mix and match, choose from a number of different sizes, styles and items – the packaging is gorgeous and comes with a choice of ribbon and custom two-sided tag. Our favourite combination is the tea and honey package. Imagine your guests reminiscing about your wedding over a cup of hot tea with delicious honey – sounds divine!
Almost Perfect
You can never go wrong with chocolates, and British Columbia has two of the best chocolatiers in the world – Purdy’s Chocolates and Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates. Purdy’s offers handcrafted chocolates – classic milk, dark chocolate, truffles or chocolate-covered nuts – in elegant gold or silver boxes. Thomas Haas has a tasty handcrafted chocolate and truffle menu, which you can choose from or customize with your name and wedding date printed in edible form on the chocolates – also comes in gift box form.    
Say Cheese!
Why not capture hilarious wedding moments on film? Brides and grooms are turning to interactive, innovative Photobooths, home to fun, wacky props, to provide an everlasting wedding keepsake for their guests. You can customize these film strip favours with your name and wedding date. Your guests will not only put the film strips on their fridges, but will frame these picture perfect favours for lasting memories! X-Fusion Roadshow