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Dress to Impress – Spotlight’s On You!

Roshini Sakhrani Darpan, 09 Jun, 2014
  • Dress to Impress – Spotlight’s On You!
Wedding outfits are as important to men as they are to women, whether it’s a sherwani, achkan, tux or suit, dress it up for the big day and stand out with your fiancé. There are many things for a groom to consider when preparing for the big day – like what outfit to wear, making sure that it fits right and pairing the right shoes to complement the outfit. 
For 2014, the choices for grooms are endless in the world of Indian and Western fashion. For Indian fashion, the groom’s attire consists of a range of sherwanis and achkans, which come in a variety of styles. The sherwani is a long knee-length coat that buttons up and is worn with a churidar pant, an outfit intended to accentuate a man’s look and is the traditional wedding outfit in India. Sherwanis and achkans differ slightly in their length and fabric, whereas achkans showcase lighter and finer fabrics, making them perfect for summer weddings. 
The headwear for sherwanis and achkans consist of a traditional wedding turban, ranging from pinks to reds and maroons in colour with various studded designs and jewellery decorating the turban. Although the turban isn’t a compulsory component of the wedding attire for men, it is the trending fashion for this year to stand out and wear one for the ceremony. If your sherwani or achkan is heavily embroidered and studded, balance the look with a simple coloured turban, instead of one that is heavily beaded.  
The demand for hand embroidered designer wear is trending in wedding fashion in 2014, emphasizing the beauty of silk and cotton materials in solid shades or lightly printed paisley designs. Wedding sherwanis are typically maroon, gold and red and range from heavily embroidered to light patterns. Moreover, the embroidery and stitching are dependent on the groom’s taste and can be simple or elaborate. When choosing the perfect sherwani, pair the shade in accordance with the bride’s so that the colours don’t clash. 
If your wedding is more of a Western theme, wearing a tailor-stitched tuxedo or suit can be a very good look. We know that women love having choices, but so do men, many of whom have the choice between traditional wedding attire or the classic Western tuxedo or suit. So what’s the big fuss about a tuxedo anyway? Wearing a three-piece tailor stitched tuxedo with a nice vest that matches the bride’s outfit will complement one other, making the royal couple stand out. 
This year’s trend has seen a lot of grooms choosing to wear the three-piece tuxedo in black, grey and navy blue shades with a coloured vest and bowtie, giving the whole look a fresh pop of colour. The best part about this classic look is that it never goes out of style and that’s why this year, they have been an increasingly popular choice of attire to wear for wedding events. Bollywood stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor have been donning tuxedos for wedding events and have carried a bold look, redefining the adjective, “handsome.”
If a tux or sherwani is not for you, guess what men, you’re in luck, there’s a third option. If a suit is your thing, then you can opt to wear Huge Boss, Giorgio Armani or Issey Miyake suit, sporting an expensive suit, tailor-stitched to make you feel like the king of the evening. The best part of opting to wear a suit for the big day is that you can wear it again for future events and weddings, making the big price tag worth paying for. 
Grooms, remember it’s your big day too, and you should dress to your style with class and finesse. Just a few things to consider – make sure your outfit of choice fits well, even if you have to visit a tailor to customize it; ensure that you dress to your body type; think of comfort in terms of shoes; ensure the material of your choice is suited to the season you’re getting married in; and finally, it’s important that all aspects of your look come together to ensure that you’re dashing and debonair for the spotlight!   


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