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6 Most Romantic Places to Propose to a Girl

By Avi Dhanoa Darpan, 18 Mar, 2015
  • 6 Most Romantic Places to Propose to a Girl

Planning to pop the question? Here is a list of the most romantic places to get engaged to your lady-love.

Proposing to your soul mate for marriage is nerve-wracking. The expectation starts building up right from the time you realize that she is the one. Most women place a lot of value in making moments special and one of a kind. There are no two ways about it. The movies have raised the bar, making wedding proposals larger than life. Don’t sweat it. All you need to do is relax, breathe and replay the intimate moments you had with your lovely woman. Here is a list of romantic places to get you started.

1.  Where You First Met:

Be it a sky train station, supermarket or the office cafeteria, the place where she first caught your eye. Selecting such a place shows that you wanted it to be personal and takes you back to where it all began. If you feel the place is too crowded for you to get down on your knees, incorporate the place in your plan for the night. For instance, if you met your love at Cineplex, you can take her out for a movie and the movie ticket could have ‘will you marry me’ printed on it.

2.  Where You First Said the ‘L’ Word:

There is nothing more romantic than proposing to your girl at the same spot you first told her you loved her. Count your stars if this occurred in a secluded place. Most men find it overbearing to ask their girl to marry when thousand pairs of eyes stare at them. If so, take the help of people around you. Arrange for a flash mob or hold a plaque card with ‘Will you marry me’ written on it. If you said ‘I love you’ over the phone or text, don’t panic. Take her to a place and call her while she sits right opposite you.

3.   Where You Both Want to Go:

Every couple has a bucket-list of places they want to visit together. Sweep her off her feet by planning a romantic getaway to one of the locations. She would already be on cloud nine when up give her the perfect ring against the idyllic surroundings, creating an unforgettable memory.   

4. Where She is Relaxed:

Listen closely the next time she's stressed out and wants to just go to a place where she can breathe, forgetting all about her stress. Even if the place is close to your house, another province or country, chances are that place she mentioned helps her unwind. Put her at ease when you pop the question. It also shows your commitment to always keep her happy.

5. Where She Had a Good Times With Her Friends:

Earn some brownie points for remembering the story and the place. Give her two reasons to love that place by proposing to her in the most romantic way.  


6.  The Place Where Her Parents Got Married:

Romance is all about creating a moment for her to remember. Pop the question where her mother said yes, especially if you want to be in her parent’s good books. If they had an arranged marriage, ask her to marry you in front of her parents. Elder’s blessings are always a big yes. Get her parents on board with the plan beforehand.


You can’t escape the question, “How did you propose?” Choose the most romantic location and everything else will fall into place. The element of surprise makes a big impact on your lady love. Plan ahead of time and give a story