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Roshini Sakhrani Darpan, 09 Jun, 2014
  • The Smart Couple
Wedding planning can be stressful and chaotic at times, but it doesn’t always have to be. Who says you need to turn into a bridezilla in order to get things done? You can rely on apps to keep you on top of wedding planning, and style it up with accessories for your smartphone to keep you looking chic and stylish. 
We have entered the digital age, where most of our work can get done with the use of a smartphone. Considering this, as a busy bride and groom, you can make your smartphone your personal assistant by downloading the following apps to bring out your inner creativity and make your life easier.
Pinterest: This is one of the most inspiring apps that a bride-to-be can turn to for advice regarding centerpieces, hair, makeup, cakes, flowers and the works! The app can be downloaded for free from the app store, and is available for Android and iOS devices. 
The wedding section provides inspiring creations that other users have pinned and also links users to the site where they can either find the product or a tutorial on how to create it. Rather than Googling a hairstyle you’d want to have done for one of your occasions, you can rely on Pinterest for some truly unique looks. 
Eversnap: On your wedding day, you’re going to have a million photos on your smartphone wondering how you’re going to get it to the rest of your family – but there’s an app for that. Eversnap allows users to capture all of their wonderful photos in a private online album. 
Every album that you create generates a unique code that you can give to guests and gives them access to view pictures as well as adding their own. Eversnap also allows users to customize photos by adding filters and editing the photo right from the app itself! What makes this app so unique is that you can share your photos live on a big screen at your wedding with real time! Sweet or what?
TripIt: Find and plan your perfect honeymoon with this handy app. You don’t have to be near a computer or a travel agent to plan your romantic honeymoon, you can now do it straight from your phone. The TripIt app keeps all of your travel plans in one unique location to make your vacation less complicated, and recognizes 3,000 booking sites. The app consolidates travel-related emails and updates it in the itinerary, giving you peace-of-mind and allowing more time for packing and relaxing. 
For those that are frequent travellers, the TripIt app has an upgraded option of the Pro version for $49. The upgrade informs the traveller of flight delays, cancellations and keeps track of the airline and hotel reservations as well. With an app like this, you won’t need to worry about bumps in the road –your honeymoon will be smooth sailing. The TripIt app is available for Android and iPhone download for free and its multifunctional purpose will minimize the loss of papers and tickets and enhance your romantic journey.
Top Table Planner: When getting down to finalizing which aunties and uncles you should seat with whom to avoid any family feud, the Top Table Planner app will definitely come to the rescue. The app is free for download, and can be used on a trial basis first before you decide whether it’s worth spending $20 on. Dividing up relatives and arranging their seating is a tedious job, why not save your time and leave it up to an app to help you? 
The Top Table Planner is guaranteed to reduce stress, and has a seven-day money back guarantee. Benefits of using the app include the ability to print table plans from anywhere, without the need to download third party applications, printing place cards and being able to finalize and print a guest list of who’s coming and who’s not. Seating plans are saved online, so the bride-to-be doesn’t need to stress if her computer crashes. Brilliant? Indeed!
The Knot: Looking for an app that will not only inspire you, but store information about potential photographers, vendors, reception spaces and more? The Knot app is perfect for categorizing various components of the wedding planning to keep you organized. The app encompasses a budget feature, where you can keep track of your expenses and update it on the go from your smartphone or on their website. Getting your wedding organized just became easier with The Knot, and the app is available for both Android and Apple devices. 


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