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Get There In Style

Shanel Khaliq Darpan, 09 Jun, 2014
  • Get There In Style
For Ol’ School Vintage Lovers
Whether you choose to say your vows in Queen Elizabeth Park or some other picturesque location, it is essential to arrive to the venue in style! If you are a vintage lover then surely a classy Rolls Royce from the 1930s will make your day even more memorable. Imagine your grand entrance, you step out of the car in your magnificent lengha, everything must look surreal and to complete that experience a flashy old car will do the trick. 
A chauffeur in uniform will make you feel like a princess walking down the aisle to your wedding ceremony. It will also lend a hand in getting the perfect pictures taken to capture these special moments. So go ahead and choose a white Bentley or old styled Aston Martin and take yourself on a special ride into the past as if you were the Duchess of Cambridge. 
The best part about these cars is that their sleek classy look doesn’t require many decorations so you’re off to go as it is!
If you have grown up being mesmerized by the action sequences of Steve McQueen in ‘Bullitt’ or even if it was the cars in ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’ that got you thrilled, you appreciate this classic dream-machine. So add an exquisite taste to your wedding day and get a vintage Mustang for your entrance. 
It’s the hardcore, yet gorgeous design that will definitely add that extra bit!  The Mustang has been a craze in North America and has been featured in almost 3,000 songs to date and this is the year that the Mustang is turning 50! Now that’s reason enough for you to use this crazy machine on your big day and stand out from the routine options. Ted Veron, a car expert from Miami, sums it up best, “I cannot get enough of them – they’re just iconic!” 
Catching Up With The Line, Get Yourself A Limousine
Looking for a regal, contemporary look? Then a classy Limousine is the way to go, and if you want to turn even more heads, opt to make your grand entrance in a Stretch Limousine. This will give you the absolute royal look, as well this mode of transportation can accommodate a large entourage from bridesmaids and groomsmen to family members. If you are looking to absolutely startle the guests and make it more majestic, try the Hummer Limousine. 
The exotic look and the wider range of colours available make this a popular choice for weddings.
Limousines can sometimes even take precedence before vintage cars. They are certainly a better pick for Indian weddings, where larger families are involved and more individuals need to be accommodated, so even in terms of practicality, Limousines take the cup. 
Not just here in Canada, but in fact The Times of India reports that luxury Limousines are also the new trend in India. All eyes are surely on the groom and bride when they enter the wedding or reception venue, and just to add more glam to those priceless moments, a Limousine is among the most favourite picks. 
Apart from the Stretch Limousine, a more recent trend that is gaining more demand now is the use of Limo Buses. Not only is this option stylish and immensely spacious, but it’s way more helpful in accommodating bigger parties. Carrie Peele, a limousine enthusiast from North Carolina, explains the benefits of Limo Buses saying they’re becoming more popular because of the low cost, but also due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable and individuals can even stand in them, and walk around. 
And lastly, the new Party Buses are literally described as a “party on wheels” with custom leather seating and the environment of a mini bar. They are definitely the best choice for fun, crazy wedding parties or to accommodate larger families.
Rev It Up! Splashy, Sports Car 
You’re not the regular fairytale princess? Want something more modern and stylized to your taste? The perfect way for you to make a statement on your wedding would be in a modern sports car. As unique and crazy as it sounds, sports cars are now becoming an increasingly popular choice among couples for their big day. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong in thinking outside-of-the-box. Can you think of a more memorable evening, as you and your Prince Charming jet off in a new Porsche or Ferrari with him driving you to your new life? If you want to go over the top with luxury sedans, then try the latest gold metallic Porsche Boxter or the red and exclusive Pininfarina Sergio – all eyes on you, as heads will turn to catch a glimpse. On the other hand, the absolutely gorgeous 911 Carrera 4 will simply astound all eyes. 
The love for Porsche has become a part of North American culture. Who can forget one of the most romantic scenes from ‘Top Gun’ featuring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGuillis in a 356A Speedster? We all still cherish those fantasies growing up. Being a car for all tastes, even Reese Witherspoon drove one in ‘Legally Blonde.’ So make your film fantasies come true on your wedding and drive together to a new life in a one of the world’s favourite cars.  
If your man is a race car enthusiast and you also share a passion for luxury sports cars, then a Ferrari is definitely the best option for you. On your day, it’s not about the powerful engine that you’re looking for, but it’s more about the splashy entrance you can make in a Ferrari – sure to leave your guests breathless. After all, it is a symbol of luxury for half a century now!
Tradition lover? Royal Horse Carriages or Ethnic Dolis:
If you’re a staunch believer in getting married the traditional way, then a doli will surely be the best way to enter on your big day. Following in the footsteps of your mom, who entered her wedding in a doli, you can do so as well but in a more chic and modern way. The doli has made its comeback quite effectively and is being used on South Asian weddings at one event or the other, be it the mehndi, sangeet or the main reception. With much more experimentation with regards to the design, they are now either open from the top or closed like the quintessential design and can also be decorated according to taste. 
“In the past, dolis were used to hide the bride. However, today they are decorated lavishly and create a high visual impact. They are ideal for getting the perfect pictures taken and creating everlasting memories,” says Sunny Kainth from Sunam Events. 
But if you are more of an Elizabeth Bennet, who wants to ride away with her Mr. Darcy in the breathtaking wilderness of the Lower Mainland, then your dream entrance would be in a horse-drawn carriage. It will take you back into time and into your dreams. If you ever dreamt of that exquisite royal wedding then go ahead with this one. A horse-drawn carriage will surely make you feel like a princess and add a romantic charm to the occasion.
Rocking Horse Carriage provides horse-drawn carriages to couples to make their wedding more memorable than they had imagined. And over the last six years, this mode of transportation has steadily increased in popularity, says Anne Bowles, owner of Rocking Horse Carriage. 
“Using a horse-drawn carriage for a wedding is a romantic addition to a special day for couples, but more than that it keeps generational traditions alive and thriving. Weddings are true celebrations,” she adds.