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Hosting The Party Of The Century

Shanel Khaliq & Junita Thakorlal Darpan, 09 Jun, 2014
  • Hosting The Party Of The Century
Your wedding is going to be the biggest party that you will ever throw, and also the most memorable one. It’s easy to get caught up in what you are wearing and how you look, but it’s your ambiance and food that will make or break your festivities. There is a wide range of chic and classy venues to throw an unforgettable engagement party, wedding and reception, but you need to plan well in advance. 
As the wedding season approaches, banquet halls and venues start getting booked and of course, no one wants anything less than their first choice. 
For starters you need to think of the kind of ambiance and atmosphere you and your honewale like. Are you fans of quaint, open spaces in the countryside or do you want to be in the heart of the city at one of the classiest hotels in town? 
Perhaps in the breeze off the enchanting snow capped peaks of the nearby mountains? Or how about the allure of a rustic space that is decked out with sentimental and hand-crafted décor by Sato Auntie? If you prefer to keep it sweet and simple, try a cute and artsy restaurant. If you both seek adventure, why not hire a boat that will whisk your guests away and give the illusion of a destination wedding? 
Whichever venue you choose, the look and feel of the entire party should carry that same theme to amplify the ambience. A definite factor to consider is the experience that your friends and family will have, especially if they are travelling from overseas. To feel that you have thought of every little detail, from the entrance décor to the food to the matching party favours, make it a memorable one for your guests.
It is no secret that no matter where in the world you hold your wedding, for most of the guests, the food will be the most significant part. You don’t want to mess that up, unless you want to be reminded of it for years to come. And trust me, the Aunties will definitely remind you time and again of how you ran out of lamb korma, and should have done something about it on-the-spot rather than focus on your first dance.
It’s about quantity as well as quality, so talk to your caterer about the ingredients, oil content and variety of dishes that you will be offering. Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer for a food-tasting session. Take your mom as she will be planning the menu for your week-long affair and will be held accountable should she forget to include every extended relative’s favourite dish.
To plan for your food (and avoid a food shortage), it is essential to have a good, solid guest list. Get your parents to sit down well in advance and create a list that includes all of the neighbourhood gossips, the overseas relatives you haven’t seen since you were five-years-old, and your sister’s gang of besties. Narrowing that number down will take time, but it will give you an idea of the size of venue to book, as well as begin budgeting for the festivities. Having a head count is also integral to managing the table seating arrangement should you be planning for one. Once you have an estimate, you can discuss with your family or event manager how you want the details to be managed. 
So, what are you waiting for? Start making your phone calls to confirm who will be making it to your big day!
1. Your dream theme should be carried right through from your invitation cards to your party favours to make for an unforgettable and distinctive event.
2. Head count is ‘oh so important’ for budgeting, seating arrangements and even venue booking so start confirming guests early.
3. Quality of food and variety on the menu should be made a top priority. If you compromise on the food, the rest of the party will be a wash, regardless of how much you spent on your talented makeup artist.
4. Beverage cost is a major detail that often gets overlooked. If your palatial venue has a per-drink charge that is more than your apartment down payment, think again.
Cocktail hours are great a way to meet and greet your guests before your official “walk-in,” contain the amount of liquor consumed by guests, and offer a social and classy affair.