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Top Destination For 2014

Lindsay Ford Darpan, 09 Jun, 2014
  • Top Destination For 2014
For honeymooners who prefer a more traditional escape, here are three honeymoon destinations topping the ranks for 2013. Travel Specialist Aerin Chauncey of Flight Centre says that “Croatia, the Amalfi Coast and Africa are big favourites.” 
Amalfi Coast – Italy
Home to some of the most amazing food, architecture and ancient history, Italy has been on most travellers’ radars for centuries. Rome, Venice, Tuscany – Italian names we are most familiar with; but down in the south, where there is life suspended from jagged cliffs amidst stunning beauty lives the Amalfi Coast.
This Italian town captures your heart with its captivating views, cute alleyways home to shops and some of the best Italian food from family-run restaurants. Walk through Villa Cimbrone, skip over to a nearby town or dangle your feet from the highest bluffs while watching an endless oceanic landscape. 
Dubrovnik - Croatia 
Beautiful beaches, unique culture, magnificent national parks with waterfalls couples can hike to. Stroll through the beauty of a historic medieval city on the coast called Dubrovnik. Cozy up to history with a walk along old castle walls and get lost in the ruins of a modern day town built into old buildings.
Hop to one of many islands nearby for a new daily adventure or take a trip out to the Plitvice Lakes to catch a glimpse of the rare colour-changing waters you will ever see set against a forest backdrop. 
Africa – Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Tanzania
There are few places more romantic than Africa. Wide open skies, endless vistas, a thrilling safari, white beaches and an always stunning African sunset.
Botswana, Kenya and Zambia are popular locations for safari camps and rich in wildlife. Imagine spending your day spotting wild lions and then sitting on a warm sandy beach watching a glowing sunset. Zanzibar and Tanzania are popular African destinations that offer both safaris and some of the world’s best beaches. 


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